The Old Days, And The New, Of Getting Seperated On The Mountain

Do you remember the old days of getting separated from your group on a ski day? Depending on the group's plans, who drove, where the group happened to be that day, or a whole list of other things, the group being separated could be slightly inconvenient or a straight-up pain in the ass! I was thinking about this again because I was thinking about a trip this past winter where I got separated from the group. It wasn’t that big of a deal. In fact, there were parts of the story that were kind of funny. However, thinking about that story got me thinking about what it was like to get separated in the old days…which is where this article began. I remember a bunch of times, back in the day, the one or more folks in a ski group would get separated for various reasons. Perhaps one or two of the group needed to take a break where the others didn’t. Maybe some of the group didn’t have the skillset that the rest did, so they had to take a different way down. Maybe, just maybe, one or