A Lost Gem-Ski Patrol

With all of the ski movies that have come out over the years, it does not come as a surprise that some of them might be lost in the mix. We know this happens for various reasons, including bad marketing, limited releases, and the fact that the movie may just not be very good (which is all in the eye of the viewer, anyway). Also, as we all know, ski movies do have a small, niche fan following of people who are into a ski lifestyle. For whatever the reason, "Ski Patrol" has become one of those films. However, it is definitely a lost gem that is pretty funny. Take a look at the trailer below.

Ski Patrol-Official Trailer #1

A few good bits in the trailer, right? A couple of those bits can make you chuckle and the movie has more that the trailer doesn't show, as any good trailer should do. In the trailer you can see the usual players of any fictional ski film.

First, there are the heroes of the story, which would be the Ski Patrol that the movie is named for. This group is somewhere between the dirt bag skier and a bunch of college men and women, with the usual hijinks of those groups. Next, the bad guys, who are the ski school and the a land developer. Intermixed are the locals, the weirdos, and the hot girls that frequent most ski resorts around the world.

The story is pretty basic, as well. the good guys against the bad guys. In this case. The evil land developer is looking to take over the mountain and change the it into an elitist destination resort catering to the rich, removing all the local, pranking, alcohol soaked fun. Which isn't far from the story in most ski movies of the day.

The cast has a couple of big names from the past with Ray Walston and Martin Mull. For the time it was released, T.K. Carter, Leslie Jordan, and Paul Feig were having decent success, while the rest of cast, though not as well known, did well in this movie. Take a look at the names, faces, and some of the voices you might recognize from cartoons and video games at the IMDB listing.

A decent cast and a basic story line does make this a simple movie. With only a PG rating, there isn't that much edge, either. But, it still has some funny moments and characters that you can root for to get justice and take out the bad guy. Also, a little bonus for hardcore ski fans, the locations were pretty sick as well. Through the entire movie all of the cars have Utah plates. We all know that movies don't always film where they take place. In this case, this movie was filmed at Little Cottonwood Canyon and Park City. Those are two names that all of the ski bums in the U.S. recognize.

Ski Patrol Movie Poster

In the end, this movie does have a few good laughs in it and remains a favorite of my own. I suggest that anyone who likes skiing or just likes comedies take a look at this movie. Though it was only released on VHS for home video back in the day, it can be found on various streaming services. Check it out!!!


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