At Least His Arms Are Still Attached

Chewbacca...Not Wielding A Snowboard
You don't have to be a super fan of the "Star Wars" movies to recognize Chewbacca. You might need to be a fan to know that there was a warning about how a Wookie, Chewbacca's species, would pull someone's arms off if they were crossed. However, there was no warning about what an angry Wookie would do with a snowboard.

It was at Thredbo Alpine Village in Australia that a man, Keith Wass, allegedly hit the general manager with a snowboard.

Wass, who had been visiting the ski area dressed as Chewbacca prior to the incident, posted this to his Facebook page on August 13:

It would seem that Wass was not happy with being banned from the hill because he was wearing the costume. It would also seem that he decided to use the snowboard as a weapon instead of pulling CEO Jordan Rodger's arms out from the sockets.

The snowboard attack was enough for Wass to be charged with assault, causing reckless grievous bodily harm and using a weapon with the intention to commit an indictable offense. He is set to appear in court on Sept. 6.

May The Force Be With Him


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