Info Screens Right On The Safety Bar

A safety bar with LiftDigital™ screen.
(Credit: Alpine Media Technology)
As we see everyday, technology creeps more and more into our lives. Everyday we see how our smartphone or tablets can be used with our work, daily activities, and in our recreation as well, which includes skiing and snowboarding.

This coming season will see a device, similar to a smart device, coming to the lifts of Winter Park Resort in Colorado. This device will be installed on the safety bars, as you can see to left.

The benefits of this system are obvious. This system will be able to display information that all visitors to any ski resort use. The screen will be able to show real time weather, ski traffic, daily trail/ski reports, trail maps, information about the town, social media integration, and the possibility of even more. All of this will also be on an HD screen that will likely be larger and easier to see than a smartphone. Speaking of smartphones, it will also be much easier than pulling out the smartphone, which we all know can involve taking off gloves and making sure not to bobble the device and losing it off the side of the lift. This system can also utilize wireless charging for smartphones.

Now, the cons to this system are also obvious. Some of the information displayed on these screens will be ads, which can come in handy. But, in this "ad-centric" world, is another ad display something anyone really wants. Aside from that, this system could be begin to take away from the scenery. One of the main reasons any skier/rider is out there is to be our there, to be able to see nature and the outside world. As we have seen often in the information age, devices such as this, smartphones, and similar have taken our attention away from the nature. 

As with anything, we will have to see if this system will be able to reach a balance between the pros and the cons. Overall, the device is a great idea. It will make it much safer and more efficient to get all the information anyone needs at the resort, which is not always the easy. Time will tell if such a product will make it. For more information on this technology you can go to Alpine Media Technology's website and keep a lookout for the screens when in Colorado during the 2017/2018 season.


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