Teton Gravity Research Makes Another Great Film Trailer

Most of the trailers for the films from Teton Gravity Research look fantastic! They are filled with beautiful visuals of stunning landscapes that are almost too good to be real. The athletes continue to perform to levels that should only be achievable in video games. To watch one of their trailers is almost a feature length film experience alone. It almost makes one wonder if the film will live up to it. Before we answer that, let's look at one of their latest trailers for the film "Rogue Elements" due out this fall.

Do you think that this trailer was more than a little sick?! It wouldn't be surprising if that is exactly what you thought. The trailer does look very well made, and from experience, that makes for a very well made film when it comes to Teton Gravity Research. Let's all check out this film when it comes available. There is a theater run in October and will surely make it to home video in the usual ways.

For more information, head over to the Teton Gravity Research website to check out all they have to offer.


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