New Video From Candide Thovex And Audi

If you have seen any video featuring Candide Thovex, you know that his talent is just about unbelievable. It almost appears that he can ski anywhere, anytime, no matter the terrain. In his new video collaboration with Audi, he proves that to be very true.

In the video, and that accompanying web link from Audi, the quote "All conditions are perfect conditions" comes through as the theme for this film. In fact, one of the first things a viewer will notice is that there is no snow to be found. Candide has more than once proven that he can ski any terrain type in the world. In this case, he skies some of the most iconic and beautiful locations in the world. It really is a joy to watch.

As a personal note as someone who does not ski with a music device, I was very much in love with the fact that there is no soundtrack in the film. The film uses the natural sounds of each location, which just adds to the beauty of the project.



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