We Don't Hate On Cross Country

Below you will find an article on cross country skiing. Most people think about down hill skiing when the subject comes us, but the rest of us have seen our cross country brethren out on the trail. I'll even go so far as to say that most of us have tried cross country, thinking "How hard could it be?" and then finding out what kind of workout it really is. For me, it was part of the our gym class curriculum. What can I say? That's one of the oddities to growing up in VT.

From a personal stand point, I'm thinking about picking up the gear and getting into it more. One, it really is a good workout. Two, I think it is a skill that anyone should have if they are a prepper and live in the north. Not to say that I am a prepper, but what if the SHTF scenario is that next ice age? Do you want to walk through all of that? Yes, I know that snowshoes are also good for that. Also, I'm sure the snowmobile guys would love to jump in on that. However, if you can't get gas or make your own bio-diesel for your sled, you'll need to go out using your own power.

In any case, let us get to the article. From January 23, 2018, written by Matt Allyn and posted on the "Popular Mechanics" website.

How to Start Cross-Country Skiing

I grew up in Minneapolis, so I can say this for sure: Winter is more bearable when you have something to look forward to. We knew it was going to get dark and cold for five months, so you either embraced the opportunities snow brought-pond hockey, snowmobiles, and skiing-or bought a timeshare in Orlando.


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