A Little Sexism For You To Ponder

Ski Weltcup Semmering/Facebook
It would seem that one of the mountains holding FIS World Cup events is taking some heat over a painting they are using in their promotions for the event.

Semmering ski resort in Austria is hosting Women's slalom and giant slalom on December 28th and 29th. As part of their promotions Semmering has the used the painting on banners, posters, and other media for the event.

As can be seen, the painting, by artist Christian Ludwig Attersee, depicts a nude female skier with a moon looking up between her legs. A closer look suggests that the skier is also about the fall.

As can been seen on various comments on the Ski Weltcup Semmering Facebook page (@skiworldcup.semmering), many people are not pleased with the painting calling is sexist. On Twitter on former Austrian olympic skier, Nicola Werenigg, posted about that painting, as you can see below.

Translated with Google, it reads "For years the World Cup races at the Semmering have been advertised with variants of the "moon-ring slalom" by Attersee. Finally, the completely misplaced sexist subject, which also represents a beginner fall, is discussed in a wider public."

She maybe right. This might be sexist. Though Ski Rex is a fan of art in all forms, should this be considered sexist?  While an answer may never actually be found, the painting is going to be continued be used for now.

I will say this...we didn't see anything like that at the Killington events.


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