A Look At Vermont's Emerging Backcountry Scene

Being a Vermont native, I know that my home state is not known for its backcountry. That's left to places like Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. I mean, you can run over to New Hampshire and ski Tuckerman's Ravine, but even that isn't the same as the wide open spaces of the west. But, it seems there is a community in Vermont that has decided to bring a little piece of that to the state I call home. 

Have a look at the trailer and you'll hear the contributors bring up, almost immediately, that we have a lot of forest land that is pretty dense at times. It's not always the easiest to navigate through, let alone ski or snowboard back down. However, their project aims to change that. 

Some really nice visuals and taking place in a beautiful and rural part of Vermont, this documentary looks like it is a masterpiece in the making. Perhaps, through this film, the world will come to find that Vermont has some backcountry credibility like our brothers and sisters to the west.


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