A Short Read About Yoga Mixed With Skiing

Photo By: Tanumanasi "Los seis yogas de Naropa Tumo Tummo"
In this article below, author Seán Dagan Wood describes a ski trip involving yoga as a main focus.

I'm a fan of yoga, having tried it many times and noticing the benefits of practicing it. I have even suggested  it to many people. I have to say that I am more than intrigued by the idea of mixing some outdoor, winter yoga with a day on the hill.

In the article, the trip the author talks about is in the French Alps. I have not seen anything of the like in the U.S.A., but if one needs another reason to take a ski trip to the Alps, maybe this would work.

The article is quick, so read it for yourself and see if this is something for you. I don't think the author, or the group he participated in, went as hard as the guy in the picture to left. I also don't think one would have to. In either case, however, it could be a good time to clear the head and help prepare the body for that day on the slopes.

Skiing and yoga: the benefits of a cold stretch - Positive News

A wellbeing holiday that combines yoga and snow sports can help you find your flow, on and off the piste I lie on my back among the trees, which arrow up into the sky with white feathers of snow lining their branches. High above their tips, a bird of prey drifts.


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