Another Story About A Chairlift And A Tough Kid

Earlier in the week, we heard about a kid caught in an avalanche in the French Alps. Yesterday in Breckenridge the ski patrol had to do a lift evac one of their chairs that lost power. Today, we have a story that combines the two.

At the Nordic Valley Ski Resort in Eden, Utah, an 8-year-old boy fell from a chair lift.

Though the boy fell about 33 feet from the chairlift, witnesses said he was able to get up and walk away from the accident. It turned out he had a few small cuts and bruises from the fall.

Though it was apparent that the boy didn't have any serious injury, local paramedics did suggest that the boy be taken to the hospital, just to be on the safe side.

It seems to me that kids are some of the toughest people on the mountain. I think back to all the little ones I have seen take spills over the years. Though some of them maybe crying, they always seem to get back up and keep going. Oh, to be young again.

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