Ever Get Too Close To The Edge?

Now, I would never hate on my snowboarder brothers and sisters. That simply isn't acceptable. However, I am more than willing to point out anyone who might have pushed things a little further than they should have.

Watch the snowboarder get to see his life flash before his eyes, as well as the view of a gas station. At least, I think that is a gas station. In any case, this guy got just a tad lucky with that stop, but definitely chose wisely to let the board go.

It's like I always say...Stay Safe Out There!!! We all know that skiing and snowboarding are not the safest activities in the world. But, always try to look ahead of you and remember that bragging rights mean nothing if you die.

Having said all that, I had a little chuckle during this video, just as all of you who watched it did.


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