From The Folks At "Park Record" In Park City

The wonderful people at the "Park Record" in Park City, Utah put together a nice piece on affordable skiing. Anyone who has done this sport for more than five minutes knows that it can get a tad pricey. But, this article has a few tips on how to minimize the cost.

For me, a good chunk of my early ski years was spent working for the American Ski Company, not to date myself too much. That pass got me onto a decent amount of mountains, had food and equipment discounts, and I also knew just about everyone on the patrol, snowmaking, and every other department. So, my skiing at that time was dirt cheap or less. Following those days, I knew a ton of people who stayed in the industry, thus I had access to all kinds of freebies and discounts. The old idea of having low friends in high places can really work.

But, what about those who do not have a resume that includes resort work? Skiing and snowboarding do cater to more of the elite crown, which means more and more money needs to be spent. I've seen the prices of a day ticket at some of the higher end resorts out west. Worry not, however, because this article does have a few small tips that might help save a few bucks on the way to and at at the mountain. Enjoy!

Affordable Skiing

You may think you're priced out of a ski trip, but being savvy to special deals will get you on the mountain without draining the bank. That's assuming that you haven't fled your job, moved here and gotten a night job so you can hit those perfect powder days.

Photo Credit: Photograph by D Ramey Logan [CC BY 4.0 (] 


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