Old News, But Anna Gasser Is Pretty Sick!

It would seem that this happened about a month ago and here I am just noticing it right after Christmas.

It seems that sick snowboarder and Olympic and X-Games multi medalist Anna Gasser pulled off a trick that no other woman in the world has ever pulled off.

She went ahead and pulled a cab triple cork. With the video above, you can see Ms. Gasser in action. She makes it look almost effortless. It was almost like this is an everyday thing for her to do.

This just adds to the very exciting era of women's snow sports that we are in currently. With this current generation of young skiers and riders going bigger than ever before. Keep watching the competition circuits as much as you can this for the rest of the winter. If Anna Gasses is doing this now, it won't be long before we start seeing tricks like this in competition.


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