Tim's Ski Stuff-Check It Out

Although my name is "Tim", this is not a site run by me. No, this is from another person altogether. Let me tell you a little story.  Yesterday evening I noticed a Facebook notification saying that someone commented on a link that I had posted on the @SkiRexMedia page. I went an checked it out. It was from "Tims SkiStuff" getting a little plug in for himself. Seeing that, I replied back with a demand that he "Like" and share some Ski Rex spirit. Within a few minutes, he had done just that. That's awesome!!!
Now, being that he did put a link to his website in a comment, I took the time to click on that link. I will say that I liked what I saw. If you're like me and grew up in a ski town, you have seen many examples of ski-themed decor, including pieces like that pictured to the left.

I went through "Tim's Ski Stuff" website and liked what I saw. Everything there looks great. Also, for those who like to smoke from a pipe, there is a selection of binding pipes, which is something unique. I have never seen anything like that and I have all smoking friends.

It all looks great, the person running the site is clearly a good sport, and all of the products look great. It makes me dream of getting my own ski villa and adding some of the pieces to the decor. If not a villa, maybe a little ski bum A-frame. Either way, check out "Tim's Ski Stuff" on Facebook or go to the website below.

Oh, and thanks again for the "Like" and share.

Tim's Ski Stuff

custom manufacturing ski furniture, benches, pipes and much more. One of a kind artwork for the mountains.


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