A Good Read -- "6 Things That Ski Patrol Wished Skiers Understood Better"

Ski Patrol - Sled Rescue
I have always been one to respect the work of those in emergency service fields. This includes police, firefighters, and the various EMS technicians that we all know and should love.

For me, this includes the ski patrol. Having been a skier for many years and having worked in the ski industry, I have seen these teams in action first hand. I could even tell the story of the ski patroller that I had a wicked crush on back in my Mt. Snow days, if anyone wanted to hear it, that is.

In any case, these people have a job that can be tough and dangerous, so a little respect should be in order when you see them around the mountains. Which is the point of the article I present to you, written by Ben White on AdventureSportsNetwork.com. Have a read and remember to give the ski patrol and nice smile and "Thank You!".

6 Things That Ski Patrol Wishes Skiers Understood Better

A simple list of how to make your ski trip more enjoyable, as well as keep ski patrollers happy while out on the hill. The mountains are calling and must be visited on vacation.


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