A Great Read -- "Why Every Ski Trail Map Looks the Same" by Katharine Schwab

Mount Snow, Vt -- ©James Niehues
This is a question that I have known the answer to for some time. James Niehues (Web) is famous in the ski world for having created maps for resorts and areas all over the world.

However, I did not know much more than his name and that his artwork is very beautiful. This article goes into the life and career of Niehues as an artist. It also talks about the campaign to bring a book of Niehues' collected works to the people. This would be a book I would suggest anyone take home, and that's before it has even been released.

Read the article below and then pay a little more attention to that trail map the next you are on your favorite hill. It's likely that handy, little piece of artwork was painted by James Niehues.

Why every ski trail map looks the same

If you've been skiing, chances are you're very familiar with the work of one particular artist. And no, this artist isn't behind that tacky art you always see in ski cabins. Since 1988, James Niehues has hand-painted 255 trail maps for 175 ski mountains all over the world.


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