Always Be Careful At High Altitudes

The high altitudes can wreak such havoc on the body. I know that I have had to deal with mountain sickness on a few occasions and those were at altitudes at less than 10,000 feet. I was lucky that it wasn't so bad and after descending, I was okay.

For some people it isn't that simple. If you hadn't heard, during the holiday ski week two people passed away at Keystone. The local coroner has said that cardiac issues were the likely cause in both cases. Though the altitude can't be blamed for sure, it could very well have been a part of the cause.

Have a look at the article below for more of an explantion of what could happen to the heart during high altitude mountain activity. Also, remember to be careful out there. Those high mountains can get the better of anyone pretty fast. Stay Safe!!!

Recent death of two Keystone skiers are reminder of heart risks at altitude

This past week, twin tragedies took place within days of each other at Keystone Resort. Arvada resident Daniel Mares, 53, and Silverthorne resident Durwood Marshall, 66, died at Keystone while skiing during the Christmas holiday weekend. In both cases, Summit County Coroner Regan Wood determined that cardiac issues were the proximate cause of death. 


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