For My Midwest And Northeast Friends -- WEATHER ALERT

Get Your Gear Ready - Photo Credit: Maxpixel
The title might be a little dramatic, but there is still some truth in it. This weekend the storms that have been hanging out in the Rockies are going through the Midwest and heading right for the Northeast.

Below is a full report from, but it sums up very simply. There are going to be two weather issues passing through this weekend. The first will be messy in some places, but nothing too terrible.

The second storm is going to be the good one. Parts of New England are looking at snow to be in the one and two foot ranges and last long enough that it might be a good thing school is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

If you're a local of those areas or you are traveling to those areas, take all the precautions that you can and don't get cocky out there. You might regret it. For more information, check out the post below and/or keeps tabs with your local weather outlet.

Snowstorms to deliver one-two punch to Northeast this week -

As the remainder of January is shaping up to be quite stormy in the northeastern United States, one weak winter storm may hinder travel spanning later Thursday to Friday, while a stronger winter storm may shut down travel this weekend.


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