From Big White, British Columbia - Two Snowboarders Rescued After Going Out Of Bounds

In a story that is part warning about going out of bounds and part doing the right thing when lost, two snowboarders were rescued from the back country near Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, B.C.

In the late afternoon, after realizing they needed help, the two snowboarders were able to make contact with the Big White ski patrol. The ski patrol then put in a call to local rescue authorities, Central Okanagan Search and Rescue, who put together the operation to go after the pair. the search and rescue team made it to the snowboarders position at close to midnight.

While going into the back country can be dangerous, the pair were prepared and they were able to do the right things. After they made the call to the ski patrol, who suggested that they stayed put, the pair took that advice. The snowboarders were also able to get their coordinates, which meant they knew how to use their tech to help rescue workers find them. Finally, and quite importantly, they had what they needed to make a fire to stay warm. In the end, the rescue workers were able to get them out of the woods and they did not have any serious injury.

Always be very careful and very prepared if you are going to head into the back country. If you are ever unsure, don't go out of bounds. There is more than enough fun to be had at the resort. For more information on this story, read the article below.

Two snowboarders rescued after going out of bounds at Big White

Two snowboarders who ventured out of bounds at Big White needed rescuing on Friday night. Central Okanagan Search and Rescue said its services were needed when the two snowboarders got lost on the backside of the popular ski resort near Kelowna.

Photo Credit: Hamish (NoDevris 2.0 Generic CC BY-ND 2.0)


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