Good News Out Of Vail -- Skier Brought Back After Suffocating In Snow

Vail, CO - Credit: dbenbenn [CC BY 3.0]
Nothing beats getting good news in the morning. That certainly goes double for the victim in the story. In this case, a man skiing Vail was successfully revived after suffocating in an accident that left his under the snow.

This past Saturday, Jan. 19, and Ohio man was celebrating a birthday with a day of skiing at Vail. During the day the man, Michael Laush, became stuck in the snow upside down in an issue similar to a tree well.

An unknown woman spotted Laush's boot sticking out of the snow and began to scream for help and get the attention of anyone near by. The woman was able to get the help of several other skiers, including two doctors who were able to perform CPR, which saved Laush's life.

Laush was taken to Denver Hospital, where he recovered and has since returned home to Ohio.

For more information on this story, including interviews with those involved and the victim, please read the following article below Vail Daily.

Ohio man thankful to be alive after bystanders resuscitate him on Vail Mountain

An Ohio man is alive and well after suffocating upside down in deep snow on Saturday in Vail Mountain's Marmot Valley before some other skiers and snowboarders, including a CPR-certified doctor, came to his rescue. "I was dead. No doubt about it," said Michael Laush, who was enjoying a powder day with his friend, both...


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