Hot Pink Equipment Saves The Life Of Jackson Skier

Jackson Hole, WY - Credit: Enricokamasa [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
If there was ever a story that shows just how awesome brightly colored ski gear can be, this would be that story.

On Friday, Jan. 18, Jenny Karns was skiing at Jackson Hole. Being an experienced skier she thought nothing more thank enjoying her day at Jackson Hole.

However, during a run on South Hoback, she ended up falling and getting buried head first in the snow.

If not for her bright pink ski gear, she may have not survived the accident. Another skier, Nathanael Reeder was able to see Karns because of her brightly colored gear sticking out of the snow. He, and two other skiers, were able to dig Karns out and call for the ski patrol.

She was then taken to a local hospital where she was diagnosed with a collapsed lung and may have possibly had a small heart attack. However, she was able to be treated for these injuries, though severe, and was released from the hospital on Monday.

With all the death that has been happening as of late in the ski world, it is wonderful to hear of a skier being rescued and returning to the mountain. For more information on this story, including an interview with the victim, please follow the link below.

Buried in snow: Ski tip saves life

Stuck under the snow and unable to breathe, it took Jenny Karns about 15 minutes to resolve that this is how she would die. "I was thinking about my kids and my family," she said. "I thought about it being Jan. 18 and how that date was going to be on my gravestone."


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