I Never Knew - Skiing Lava Fields In Oregon

I have found an adventure that would make it more than worth trying out cross country again. I never really got the hang of it. Of the many reasons I have come up with to get back into it, adventure and scenery were always two that stayed at the top of the list.

Which is what brings us to this story. Written by author William L. Sullivan (Info), this is a quick guide to skiing on top of lava flows in the wilderness near Mount Washington in Oregon. In it he gives some information about how to get there and what to expect and see.

In the article are also some great pictures, which would be enough to get anyone who likes the outdoors to visit the area. But, the idea of an adventure like this, one that would be very unique in the United States, makes it almost too good to pass up.

Have a read and see if you agree with the want to check out this area. At least have a look at the photos and marvel at the wonderful scenery that Oregon has to offer. Me, I am thinking I might have to get back into training and give this adventure a try.

Oregon Trails: Ski on lava in snowy Mt. Washington Wilderness

Mount Washington is known as the "Black Wilderness" because of the miles of jagged, forbidding lava flows between McKenzie Pass and Santiam Pass. But with enough snow, those "impassable" rock fields can become wonderlands of hummocky, open terrain for adventurous skiers and snowshoers.Mountain views are everywhere, framed by ancient, bonsaied fir trees, their massive trunks twisted like dishrags by winds.

Photo Credit: U.S. Forest Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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