I've Never Heard Of This - "Children's World Games"

I've been to various competitions throughout the years. I have seen even more than that on TV. Even further, I have heard about several that I have never seen. But, this competition is totally new to me, but not new to the world.

The 8th Internationa; Children's Winter Games is taking place this week at Lake Placid, NY. A true international competition for children ages 12 to 15, taking place in an Olympic town is not the only similarity to larger games.

From the schedule of events, this is truly based on the Olympic format and has children from 14 countries competing in multiple diciplines.

This is intriquing enough to take the ride over to Lake Placid. It's always a good thing to support the child athletes, the next generation of the sports that we know and love. Also, supporting this supports a brotherhood of nations through skiing and snowboarding, which is always a worth while cause.

For more information, click down below and read up on this event. I know  I will be looking for more about it.

Children's World Games set to start

LAKE PLACID - The eighth International Children's Winter Games will draw crowds of athletes and spectators to this village Jan. 6 to 11. More than 450 athletes ages 12 to 15 from 33 cities spanning 14 countries from around the world will compete in eight sports: alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biathlon, long-track speed-skating, figure skating and hockey.


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