Massachusetts Locals -- Jiminy Peak Apologizing To The Employees After A Harsh Note About Working In The Storm

All Employee Notice - Credit: Facebook
I caught wind of this one and couldn't help but laugh. Part of me wants to be sympathetic for the person who wrote and posted this note. I've worked in the ski industry and had to brave a storm or two so I could get to work. I was also in management during my retail days and had to field some call outs that were just using weather as an excuse to take an extra day off, which double hurt when I found out those calls weren't taking advantage of playing in the snow. However, there are limits to everything and this is no different, and the bosses at Jiminy Peak in Mass. agree with me.

The letter had been going viral over the last few days, showing that the management of John Harvard's Brewery & Ale House, a local restaurant, was pushing quite hard for employees to make it to work in the storm. The best part of this memo is making the point about a state of emergency. However, Jiminy Peak officials felt that this was not the way to go about it, as well as not being accurate. From the Jiminy Peak Facebook page, an apology and clarification of the policies concerning weather.

Facebook: John Harvard's @ Jiminy
After the Jiminy Peak apology, the restaurant is question also took to social media to apologize and clarify their position.

In this matter, I can't help but side with the employees. I do agree that employees should make every effort to go to work, which is obvious in this case because the ski industry is based on snow. However, an employer should never ask or demand that employees take steps that could get someone hurt.

What does everyone else out there think? I'm fairly certain that most will not be in favor of the posted memo.


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