More Avalanche Tragedy In Austria -- Three Dead, One Missing After Avalanche

Photo Credit: Henk Monster [CC BY 3.0 (]

It feels that Austria can not get a break with avalanche issues. Last week a teenager was killed and a member of his family were injured at St. Anton due to avalanche. It was because of safety issues that canceled a Ladies World Cup event at the same hill. Now, this past Sunday, three mean were found dead, with a fourth from the group missing, after being caught in another Austrian avalanche.

A wife of one the men reported the men missing, which lead to local authorities finding them at approximately 11 P.M. local time. All four men, visiting from Germany, were using touring skis to explore the local area.

The Austria Alps has had a large amount of snowfall very recently, keeping the avalanche danger there very high and in some cases cutting off local roads.

Remember to stay safe out there. Always check and keep avalanche warnings and alerts in mind.


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