Movie Night - "The Escape Video"

Showcasing athletes in an urban environment, "The Escape Video", a video by Lou Staub, jumps right in with a sequence of biffs. From there, it moves on to some wicked nice urban locations, peppering in a little mountain side style as they go.

Intermixed with full HD filmed riding are sequences of cast and crew B-roll looking as if they just came out of a Super-8 camera, giving this very modern snowboard film a retro feel. The idea of using older technology is present throughout the entire piece.

Coming together with a typical soundtrack, this film almost feels like a bro hang being caught on film, which I feel is a theme present in a lot of the great snowboarding films.

With just under a half hour run time, this is a good one if you are looking for a quick addition to your weekend movie night. Even if you are looking for something longer, throw this one on first. It's a good watch anytime.


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