MOVIE NIGHT -- Watch "Heatseeker" by NicolasVuignier & Jules Guarneri

A still of one of the many beautiful visuals in "Heatseeker"

Now, I know that one could say a video that only runs for 3:44 isn't much of a movie night. That would be an understandable thing to say. However, this film has the feel of one much larger and does not disappoint.

From Nico Vuignier's YouTube channel comes "Heatseeker". Though a short watch, this film can really stick with someone. Using a technique that looks as if a flare is flying about with a mind of its own, the night is lit up allowing for some incredibly beautiful visuals. The technique almost gives the film a sci-fi feel, as if the light is an extraterrestrial being just having a look at night skiing.

Mix the look with a song the fits the action, this video is one of the best to come out this year, which is saying a lot since it is only January. Take a few minutes a watch this one. It's more than worth it.


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