Movie Night -- WATCH -- "VHS" By Rad Movie Production

"VHS" By Rad Movie Production - Credit: Rad Movie Production (Screen Cap)
For tonight's movie, I offer up "VHS", an all snowboard film from Rad Movie Production. This one is just a tad longer than last week's offering with a run time of about 26 minutes.

I won't lie to anyone, the intro sequence, though fitting of the name "VHS" with its retro styling and holding true to one of the film's main themes, was a little off putting. However, I did watch it through and was not disappointed.

Some of the filming locations were very nice. The crew also had a talent for feature building, as well as a great use of the natural features that they came across. There is also a wicked nice night sequence that I really enjoyed. I wish that could've been just a little bit longer.

All in all, I did enjoy this film. Have a watch and don't hesitate to tell us all what you think about it. Ski Rex is very much about film discussion.

VHS | Full Movie by RAD Movie Production from Rad Movie Production on Vimeo.


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