Record Breaking -- Two Men Snowboard 16 Ski Areas In 24 Hours

Random Snowboarder - Ripley119 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (],
from Wikimedia Commons
The end to a story that has been kicking around for the last few weeks has finally happened, and with a win.

David Zemens and Sabato Caputo, both residing in Michigan, have set the North American record for the most ski areas ridden in a 24-hour period.

Starting out on Friday night at Boyne Highlands and racing across Michigan to a successful finish at Mt. Brighton, they pair finished a bit ahead of schedule.

With should a positive experience and finish, the pair have been kicking around the idea to go for the World Record next. The current record is 17 hills and was set in Japan.

Congratulations, Boys!!! I say take the year, plan your route, and crush the world record next!


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