Sebastien Toutant Is A Funny Guy -- WATCH -- "Iconic Snowboard Rail Ride in Philadelphia w/ Seb Toots"

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Credit: su1droot [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

These steps were made iconic in the "Rocky" movie. Now another athlete has tackled these famous stairs, but not by running up them. This guy slides down them.

Sebastien Toutant, Olympic and X-Games champion snowboarder, takes on the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps in this video, which is pretty funny. It has all the throw back bits to "Rocky" one would expect, but with snowboarding, obviously.

Seb Toots and Red Bull pulled out a few stops for this one, including installing the rail that Seb uses to come down the stairs. With all the skill Toutant show in competition, he is able to ride 50/50 from the top to the bottom. However, you also get to see each time he biffs making that attempt. Some of those hits look damn near bone shattering.

In the end, the video comes together with a successful ride, which is not a spoiler since we all know Red Bull would not have put out the video if he hadn't. Watch now and enjoy!


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