Skier Collision In Colorado - The Ski Safety Act

Earlier in the week a young boy collided with an adult woman at Breckenridge, forcing the woman off the trail and causing her to run into a tree.

Stephen Kim was skiing with his wife, Ura. During one of their runs, Stephen, who was uphill from his wife at the time, saw a young boy lose control and collide with his wife. His wife then went off trail and struck a tree. Ura Kim suffered a concussion and several fractured bones from the accident.

Though Mr. Kim was able to confront the boy and his parents, it was for only a moment. The boy who caused the accident and his father left the area.

In the state of Colorado a skier must stop and stay at the scene until ski patrol or other authority can take all of the information from the skier. To not do so is against the law in Colorado, not unlike an accident with a car, and can be punished by law.

With that said, there are several statues in place that pertain to safe skiing and snowboarding. Most of them are common sense, but for those who can't follow the rules, they will be punished.

For more detailed information on the Ski Safety Act in Colorado, the act is linked below. In the end, just stay safe out there. Ski in control, know your limits, and watch out for those around you.


Photo Credit: National Archives at College Park [Public domain] 


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