Two Skier Deaths During Holiday Weekend In Colorado -- R.I.P.

Photo Credit: Thermodynamic at English Wikipedia
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As the long holiday weekend comes to an end, Colorado saw two skier deaths, one by avalanche, and one from a tree collision.

On Saturday, Abdul Jahangir, 46, was participating in a night skiing event at Granby Ranch in northern Colorado. He was found just after 7 P.M. and was attended to by the ski patrol. He was later transported to a local hospital where he later died.

The following Monday brought another avalanche related death, which seem to have been plaguing skiers worldwide. The death happened not far from Aspen, Colorado. At approximately 10:30 AM, an avalanche swept up one skier. Although that skier was with a group who attempted to dig him out and who called for rescue, the skier did not survive. The name of the victim has yet to be released.


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