Vail Break The $200 Dollar Mark For A Day Ticket

We all know that Vail has had the highest price day ticket in the U.S. for some time. That ticket price has finally made it over $200 for a walk-up day ticket ticket purchase.

It has been no secret that Vail has catered to a more elite skier. The kind of skier that has been looked at as a stereotype in the sport for many years. With a ticket hike like this, they have very much solidified that stereotype.

Vail is not the only mountain that is high priced. Breckenridge, which is operated by Vail Resorts for $189. Aspen Skiing Co., also know for the elitist vibe, is running at $179. There are also several other mountains in that area that are running in the $170 to $190 range.

Of courses there are ways to cut those costs, but not by very much. Vail, for example, sells there day ticket online for $199, and the other mountains are very similar to that. If you buy early and online, you get a little bit of a discount. Also, some of the mountains mentioned here are part of either the Ikon or Epic passes. These super passes, bought at the right time, can cost less than $1000 dollars. That's a hell of a deal if you are able to really take advantage of it.

Another solution is to come ski the East. Most of the big mountains here are still less than $100 for a day ticket. Granted, we don't have the same altitudes, the back country experience, or airports close by, but it still might save you a little money. Also, hometown Ski Rex Pride.

In any case, day tickets getting that high may or may not become an issue. Like stated before, those mountains do cater to a more elitist skier. There are still plenty of mountains that cater to the common man or woman whose just chasing days on a hill.

Oh, and one last the pictures is a Whitetail Resort ticket from 2007. That resort is in southern PA. Now, the picture is just being used as a picture of a ticket, but so it's said, their current highest price ticket is $84. Fun fact.


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