Wanna Chuckle? -- Snowboarding Argument Leads To Shots Fired In PA Trailer Park

Credit: Augustas Didžgalvis [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
For some, the chuckle will come from the reasoning behind a woman firing off a shot inside her own home. For other, the chuckle will come from the stereotype of the people involved in such a story. In either case, this one is king of funny. Oh, and it's only funny because nobody got hurt, which kind of adds to the funny.

From rural Pennsylvania, a couple got into an argument after the boyfriend said he would not let the girlfriend's brother go snowboarding with him. The girlfriend, saying she was pushed around by the boyfriend and feared for her own safety, then took out a gun and fired a randomly aimed shot inside her trailer park home.

From there, the fight went outside, which lead to the girlfriend almost getting hit by the boyfriend's car, the boyfriend taking the gun away from her, and the police arriving to take everyone to jail.

I think we can all agree with skiing and riding is a sport that is more about peace than violence. It's a shame to read about things like this, but this one almost has such a stereotype feel to it that one has to wonder if this is a sketch comedy bit. Stay safe out there everyone. Oh, and if your girl has guns and wants you to take her brother to the hill, you might wanna do it.

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Snowboarding dispute leads to gun, assault charges

SALEM TWP. - A woman fired a gunshot inside a home and her boyfriend nearly ran her down with a car because of a dispute about snowboarding, according to police. Claudia Kathle Benshoff, 21, was arraigned Friday on charges alleging she illegally fired a gun in her home, while boyfriend Fred Curtis Dourand, 20, was charged earlier in the week with aggravated assault.


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