A Little Something For The Least Liked Activity On A Snow Day

Most of us look forward to a snow day. If there is snow flying at the house, it's a good bet that there is snow flying at the mountain. But, there is one thing we all usually have to do before we get in the car and head out for our powder day. We have to shovel the driveway.

This is where Ryan Butler is a step ahead of the rest of us. In this video, he shows off a 3-D printed robot snowblower of his own design. Powered by six 12 volt batteries and made almost entirely out of plastic, this snowblower looks like it could get the job done.

Now, I have never minded shoveling the driveway over the years. It's a decent workout, not polluting, and costs just a tad less than having the local plow guy show up. But then, having a robot that could do it is appealing, especially if you have a long driveway. In any case, it is a pretty slick project. Take a look.


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