Another List For You All To Talk About -- " The 16 Best Ski And Snowboard Shops In America" According to Gear Patrol

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The local ski shop has become something of a legend in the winter sports world. It was the place to go where it was guaranteed a person could find the best gear, the best advice on said gear, and the best person to maintain that gear. That person also knew every in and out of the mountain. That person was a true local. Fact is, after visiting that person's shop during the ski day, that same person would be at the local car that night...and would probably still be willing to bestow their wisdom on anyone who might buy them a beer.

But, like many of the legends we have all heard through the years, the local ski shop has started to disappear. However, there are still a few of them out there that skiers can rely on. Here is a list of "The 16 Best Ski And Snowboard Shops In America" from Gear Patrol.

1.) Alpenglow Sports - Tahoe City, CA 2.) RMU - Breckenridge, CO
3.) Cripple Creek Backcountry - Carbondale/Vail/Aspen, CO 4.) Buzz's Boards - Vail, CO
5.) Peter Glenn - Multiple Locations, FL/GA/VA 6.) The Waxroom - Ketchum, ID
7.) The Ski Monster - Boston, MA 8.) Bob Skinner's Ski And Sports - Newbury, NH
9.) Paragon Sports - New York, NY 10.) The Mountaineer - Keene Valley, NY
11.) Crows Feet Commons - Bend, OR 12.) Tactics - Eugene, OR
13.) The Boot Pro - Ludlow, VT 14.) The Startingate - Bondville, VT
15.) Evo - Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Denver, CO 16.) Nomad Sports Shop/The Mudroom - Teton Village, WY

What do you think of this list? Did your favorite shop show up here? I have to say that I am excited when I see VT spots make any list. I remember #14, The Startingate, from my days skiing Stratton, VT. I still have a close friend that lives about 10 minutes the road from there. For more information on this list, see the link below.

The 16 Best Ski and Snowboard Shops in America

Before online buying guides and two-day shipping, the local ski shop was where you'd go to pick up anything from boots to hand warmers. But ski shops weren't, and still aren't, just stores; they're the crossroads where brands and skiers connect, a haven where local knowledge is provided and a campfire where stories from the mountains, some of them exaggerated, are shared.


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