Be Careful California Locals And Visitors -- This Past Weekend Had Too Much Snow To Plow

Credit: UnreifeKirsche [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The western United States got absolutely hammered with the weather during this past week. With all of that snow, California authorities were issuing warnings to not go to the ski hills.

At the beginning of this past weekend, which was the kick off to the President's Week holiday, the Lake Tahoe region had so much snow that plows were not able to keep up with. There were numerous road closings in the are, including a portion of I-80 that ran for 70 miles from CA to the Nevada border. Along with the heavy snow causing issues, ice also became a problem. For most of the region, tire chains were required to be able to travel.

With all of these weather issues came reports of near acts of violence involving the public and some of the plow drivers. Two incidents in Spokane involving armed citizens confronting or threatening plow drivers were reported. The citizens were understandably unhappy when plows pushed snow in front of their driveways but reacted in a not so civil way. One of the angry men who only had a holstered weapon was yelling obscenities and tried to enter the plow. A second man threatened to get a gun when confronting another plow driver.

As we come into the week, most of the issues will be cleared up and anyone who has off this week should be able to enjoy the two tons of snow that have hit the west. However, be very cautious as you drive to your winter playgrounds. Winter still has plenty of time to drop more and more snow. Even though we all love skiing, it isn't worth getting hurt or dying, Also, try to keep your cool. Snow removal is frustrating for everyone involved. Take a deep breathe and try to talk out.


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