Celebrity Ski News -- Zac Efron Tears ACL In Skiing Accident

Zac Efron/2017 - Credit: MTV International [CC BY 3.0],
via Wikimedia Commons
Zac Efron has never hidden his enjoyment of sports and activities that could fall under the "extreme" category. But, as happens to us all in some form or another, injury has sidelined the actor for a bit.

The actor, who we all know and love either from his days as a Disney kid, his more recent lowbrow, adult oriented comedies, or his beloved performance in "The Greatest Showman", took to social media to announce that he had torn his ACL and was going into surgery to have it repaired.

As with any skier, celebrity or not, we wish him a quick recovery and hope that he can avoid injury next time he is on a hill.


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