Hawaii Locals -- Many People Upset, Or Even Outraged, By Video Of Skiing At Maunakea

Maunakea Peak - Credit: Aiden Relkoff [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons
Over the last few days, a video has gone viral showing three people skiing down Maunakea, a dormant volcano and highest point in the state of Hawaii.

However, many locals have had serious issues with the video and those who made it. These the locals belief that the mountain is a sacred area for the native people there and that this was violated by the skiers. There is also some environmental concern centered around the possible destruction of the habitat of an indigenous insect.

Another issue comes from the Office of Maunakea Management. They have been reported as condemning the actions of the skiers. They have also stated this was done on a part of the mountain not easily seen by the local rangers and that there were no requests for permits. Unfortunately, the management does not have to ability to fine or take any other action against the skiers.

Although it does seem that the video has been removed from various social media outlets, there is this copy of the video.


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