I'm Not Sure We Can Agree With This List -- READ -- "7 underrated ski resorts" from CNN.com

Mad River Glen Peak - Credit: flo21 [CC BY-SA 2.0]
I know that we all love lists here at Ski Rex. This one, from CNN is one that I'm not sure I can agree with, however. Take a look at the list and see if you think it is really full of underrated ski resorts.

1.) Revelstoke Mountain Resort, British Columbia 2.) Copper Mountain, Colorado 3.) Grand Targhee Resort, Wyoming
4.) Mount Bohemia, Michigan 5.) Mad River Glen, Vermont 6.) Schweitzer Resort, Idaho
7.) Valle Nevado, Chile

It could just be me not knowing the true definition of "underrated", but I am pretty sure that most of these are not. I will say that I haven't heard of Schweitzer Resort and, although I have heard of it, i don't know much about Mount Bohemia, but does that mean they are underrated. As for places like Revelstoke and Copper, these places have reputations that rival other places in the U.S. and Canadian Rockies. Also, to put out some more Ski Rex Vermont Love, Mad River Glen has a huge fan base. It's much smaller than neighboring Killington and not nearly as consistent, but those two facts have given it a following equally as big.

So, maybe it is me, maybe not, but this list is totally up to debate by the community. Have a conversation or debate here or at the Ski Rex Media Facebook page.


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