Las Vegas Snow Event!!! I Love Las Vegas!!!

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The winter that I moved to Las Vegas, which was 2016 for those who want to know, it was a pretty wet winter. I got there on January 5 and it rained on the way in and for a day or two after that. In fact, while on the way there, using I-40, it was snowing pretty good in Flagstaff, AZ. 

I figured that snow would be the last I saw for a while, but there were more than a few occasions that I drove up to Mt. Charleston to see snow. I'm fairly certain most locals and those who move there figure something similar. But, what a great time I would have had if the weather then would have been like it has been over the last couple of days.

It's true, Las Vegas has been having an actual winter this year. They have had colder temps and some of that snow has already come done from the Spring Mountains earlier in the season. But, the last couple of days have given them more than usual. There were reports of up to two inches on the strip, something that is rarely heard of.

Here is a report from local Channel 8 about the snow last night.

It looks like the locals were having a wicked good time out there last night. I know that I would have been. Let's take a look at a report from this morning.

Seeing fresh powder in Summerlin and at the strip must be a sight and a half. Any visitors that happened to be at the welcome sign last night or this morning are going to have the most unique photos almost anyone has taken there.

It's been 11 years since Las Vegas has seen snow like this. They have also not seen a February like this since 1939 when there was a total just over four inches for the month.

I hope that the locals are able to enjoy it while it is around. Just know that Ski Rex is there with you in spirit.


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