Maybe Ruining Others Fun, But They Are Right -- READ -- "It might be tempting, but please don’t ski in the street when it snows" from

Vintage Street Skiing - Credit: Swedish National Heritage Board
As this week has brought on a ton of snow and cold around the world this week, there has been many videos showing up online of people skiing in the streets. As with any good time, there is now someone saying something that might ruin it. But, that doesn't make them wrong.

In a piece from, the author, Kate Buck (@katebuck96), tells us about a man, Daniel Loots, from The Ski Club of Great Britain is starting to speak against street skiing.

The thing is, he's not wrong. Skiing on pavement, especially when there isn't that much snow to cover it, is not safe. Skis aren't meant to be used on pavement and not everyone can ski like Candide Thovex. Also, getting pulled behind a truck isn't all that safe either. Any number of things can happen in that situation.

So, is Mr. Loots looking to ruin a good time? Probably not. But then, skiing in dangerous anyway, we all know that. Why not get out there while the getting is good? Please, read the whole article below and then weigh in with what you think about it.

It might be tempting, but please don't ski in the street when it snows

The UK has been battered with snow this week, but that doesn't mean you should crack your skis out. A recent scattering of the white stuff has tempted some skiers...


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