More Horse Powered Skiing -- This Time From An Amish Man In

Credit: Jenn Staggemeyer/KWWL
Maybe we are starting to see a new trend for the winter of 2019. Earlier there was a video making the rounds of a snowboarder getting towed down a country road. This time, again from Minnesota, we have a skier, not only being towed by a horse, but that horse is also towing a buggy.

The Amish are fairly easily recognizable. They have become famous for using horses and buggies for their travel. The surprise this time was the skier attached to the buggy.

So, it seems that skijoring is becoming increasingly popular this winter, not just for those who are participating in the sport, but for those who are watching it. The people in the video, including Jenn Staggemeyer, who is the person who shared the video, sound like they loved seeing it.


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