READ -- There Is Snowboard Boot Technology Helping Chemo Patients Keep Their Hair

Credit: Mason bancroft [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
I feel like this could be an interesting read for most of the fans out there. I'm sure most of us have known someone who has received chemotherapy and know a little bit about the side effects.

In this article by Suzie Dundas (@suziedundas) for Forbes, she talks about how snowboard boot technology has been applied to a device that can help minimize hair loss for chemo patients.

As we all know, either directly or indirectly, cancer is not something that is easy to fight against. Anything, no matter how big or small, that can make the fight easier for cancer patients will be welcome by all. It's awesome to see some winter sports technology join that fight. Please, read the article below.

An Unusual Partnership Uses Snowboard Boot Technology To Help Chemo Patients Keep Their Hair

Chemotherapy - a treatment that nearly 650,000 Americans undergo every year, according to the Center for Disease Control - is designed to attack cancer cells, which quickly divide and reproduce. But as an unfortunate side effect, chemotherapy treatments also attack hair follicles, as those cells also rapidly divide.


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