Rider Being Swept Away And Buried In An Avalanche Caught On His Helmet Camera

Credit: KSTU Broadcast
The thought of getting caught in an avalanche is one of the scariest to go through the head of any skier or snowboarder. That being said, almost all of us have thought about, imagined, or discussed what it might be like. We can only base our thoughts on the subject on what we have heard from the stories of the survivors, that is until now.

While in the Utah backcountry, a snowboarder ended up setting off an avalanche during a tumble. The snow quickly swept the man away while two of his friends watched, which was their only option. As we can see in the video, the man continued to tumble in and out of the snow until he was finally swept underneath.

His friends were able to react quickly enough to get down to him, find him, and dig him out of the snow. Their quick reaction kept the victim alive. Luckily, he came out of the ordeal with almost no injury.

The following is the video as part of a broadcast from KSTU Channel 13 out of Salt Lake City, as I have been having trouble finding the original video. However, this broadcast also has some extra information.


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