Skier Involved In An Avalanche In Glacier National Park, Canada -- Only Suffers Broken Arm

Glacier National Park - Credit: Jesse Allen [Public domain],
via Wikimedia Commons
There is an old saying that any landing that a person can walk away from is a good one. Though this isn't flying, something similar could be said for avalanches. If there is an avalanche a person can walk away from, it isn't a bad one. Luckily for a group of skiers in Glacier National Park, B.C., this held true and they came out of it alive.

From the Avalanche Canada website comes a report about a group of three skiers, two of which got caught up in the avalanche this past Saturday, Feb. 16, and one of those getting injured. The injured member of the party suffered a broken arm.

"The person up front saw it coming and stepped out of the way, the 2 people behind were hit and flushed down the couloir. One person stopped after 250m of tumbling, the second person went 600m in the avalanche, including over small cliffs. This person broke an arm."

The report also states that the group was able to rescue themselves, but a rescue team from Parks Canada was being mobilized at the time.


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