The Summit Of Sugarloaf, Maine Took A Whooping Last Night

Credit: Keith Carson/Facebook (@MeteorologistKeithCarson)
The winds around New England yesterday and last night were no joke. As would be expected, Mt. Washington in New Hampshire has seen a new record for wind gusts. Unexpected however we the winds at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine.

The photo of the toppled communications tower has been making its way around the internet since last night when it was posted by Keith Carson (@MeteorologistKeithCarson) on Facebook. In his post, he also guesses that the wind gusts were in excess of 100 mph.

Sugarloaf Mountain also took to their social media feed with the same picture and to tell all visitors that mountain operations will not be affected by the tower collapse.

There were also no injuries or any threat to guests reported from the collapse. It is now a monument to the fury and power of mother nature and one heck of a mess for someone to clean up.


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