The X Games Real Ski 2019 Competition Is On Now -- Read And Then Vote Before March 3rd

For those not familiar with the Real Ski 2019 Competition, watch as urban ski superstar Tom Wallisch explains.

Now that you know what the competition is all about, you are in for a treat. As it was said in this video, these are six of the top urban skiers in the world doing what they do best...making sick urban ski edits!

The best part of this competition, though it is part of the X Games, is that part of it is fan chosen. You, the fan, can watch all six of the videos and then vote for the one you like the best. Seems pretty easy, right. All of the videos come in under two minutes, so you should have more than enough time in your day to watch and vote. These edits are wicked sick so you won't regret it.

You can go from this article to the X Games Real Ski 2019 site to watch all of the videos. Yes, you can find them all on the X Games YouTube Channel as well, but don't forget to swing to go to the X Games Real Ski 2019 site to vote.

In case you are wondering, I had to vote for Phil Casabon. There was something about this kid's style that just grabbed me. That combined with the video production and the music choice, I had to go with this one. But, I think the segment at 0:53 is what really sold me on Casabon.


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