These Always Seem To Be Popular With Ski Rex Fans -- READ -- "11 beauty products you need to take skiing" from Cosmopolitan

Credit: Magrealthkoo [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
I have come to notice that the Ski Rex fans love these posts that are geared towards the Après/Chalet Girls out there. Now, I don't know if the sarcasm of that last statement comes across that way I intended, but I know the headline could get a rise out of one or two Ski Rex readers.

I won't lie, a couple of the products on the list do have a practical application. I always keep lip balm and sunscreen with a high SPF in my ski bag. The rest, well, they seem to be geared towards the ladies who have to look good all of the time, usually from a bar stool at a high end Après Ski watering hole.

So, have a look and see what you think about this from Cosmopolitan and see if there is anything you ladies might want to add to your ski bag on your next trip.

The best beauty products to take skiing

Because, it's like, really cold.


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